February 22 2020 astrology grand sextile

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The really tough years look like being to with tr Neptune square the Mars, and Solar Arc Sun opposing Pluto and square Uranus. But it does have tr Pluto moving through the 8 th for many years ahead which will be very stuck financially and in other ways. The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven absolute monarchies which came together on 2 December and is now under the presidency of Sheikh Khalifa, born 25 January , who took over on 3 November The UAE is fairly contradictory in its approach since it is traditionally conservative, but likes to look liberal to attract rich westerners and tourists.

It is expected to lead economic growth in the Arabian Gulf this year.

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The UAE chart has a Sagittarius Sun conjunct Jupiter on one side and Neptune on the other, square Mars in Pisces which tr Neptune is slowly wending its way round in hard aspect, till late which suggests none-too-solid foundations. Neptune can create bubbles of false happiness, especially financial, which then deflate in a hurry. Kuwait is a semi-parliamentary democracy though the Emir can and frequently does dissolve the legislature, and appoints the prime minister.

It became independent on 19 June and the present Emir, now 87 years old, took over on 29 Jan Like other Arab states it is having to introduce austerity cutbacks and promote non-oil business to combat the price fall. On the Kuwait country chart, this year looks edgy and marginally discouraging; with much more unsettled and disruptive with a rebellious population. Real trouble spans the years to as for Qatar and the UAE above. With a Solar Arc Sun conjunct Uranus and following that conjunct Mars, which looks angry and highly insecure as well as explosive.

There has been a marked deterioration in human rights since with opposition leaders and activists harassed and prosecuted. Authorities have not held officials accountable for the mistreatment and torture of detainees, continue to arbitrarily strip citizenship from Bahrainis who have been critical of the government, and subject civil society actors to arbitrary travel bans.

It became independent on 14 Aug and the present Emir took over on 14 Feb The Bahrain chart indicates a protracted period of high risk, escalating tension, fanaticism and upset between and So all of the Gulf charts look to be in the eye of one storm at least at this decade closes and a new ones opens, right through the Saturn Pluto and then Jupiter conjunction. Oddly enough, Theresa May, for all her schoolmarmy prudery, does appear to blend reasonably well with Trump. Their relationship chart has an exuberant composite Mars trine Jupiter, sextile Venus; with Venus conjunct Sun — so enough friendly positives to outweigh the risks of the composite Sun Mercury Pluto which will turn into a tug of war for the upper hand at points.

That relationship does look ruffled through this year with tr Uranus square Pluto and tr Pluto square the Moon, but HM will no doubt sail on as she does with tricky State visits with icy courtesy. Their composite has a smidgeon of friendliness from a Sun Venus conjunction; but also an explosive Grand Trine of Uranus Mars trine Moon, so more fireworks there.

A man whose words are a death trap to America. A moustache traded for a toupee. Born 19 April 1. Her ambitious and opinionated Mars in Taurus in the 9 th conjunct her MC is in a showbiz, publicity-attracting opposition to Neptune and trine a rebellious Uranus Pluto in Virgo. Her Aquarius Moon is in the 6 th square her Sun. She looked enfuriated and frustrated last December post-election with tr Pluto trine her Mars and that influence returns this coming autumn. February is our Eclipse month, eclipses shake things up so we SEE, so we become more aware and conscious of what we already know.

Not the knowing from the outer, but the inner knowing of the heart and the wisdom from our higher self. The Lunar eclipse in on the 10 th at 22 degrees of Leo, emphasizing the message of following your heart and your hearts wisdom. This eclipse is a precursor to the nodes of the moon shifting in May when the north node of the moon enters into Leo.

There is a harmony showering down from the universe prodding us to find internal and external harmony in our personal world. The message is to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Mercury is flying through the zodiac this month, starting its journey in Capricorn, running through Aquarius from the 7 th to the 24 th then entering into the land of Pisces on the 25 th. This suggest that we will go through many ideas and change of thoughts this month. Communication can come flying to us at every angle wanting response. Everything from planning, work related projects, communication with friends and acquaintances, and conversations that expand the mind and give fodder to creative ideas.

The solar eclipse on the 26 th is at 8 degrees of Pisces, the last of the Virgo Pisces eclipse pattern we have been experiencing for the previous 18 months. The solar new moon eclipse is an explosive eclipse that can rattle the inner warrior to come alive.

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The energy of the solar eclipse awakens the spiritual warrior within to take a stand for what you believe in and be willing to fight for the underdog. The sun and moon are conjunct Neptune either pulling one down into self-illusion and putting ones head in the sand regarding problems that appear overwhelming or stepping up and committing to a higher purpose regardless of the personal cost of time and effort.

Issues across the globe can arise where the strong and able are asked to help the downtrodden and helpless. A great healing energy is being channeled at this time with Uranus Jupiter and Mars aligned. The portal of expanding healing at lightning speed, miracles is happening on the new moon solar eclipse.

It will be a time that the healing arts, such as reiki and other hands on or off healing is very effective. Wishing you a month filled with heart centered joy and peace. The messages this month from the cosmos deal deeply with the matters of the heart and caring for the betterment for humanity. Venus conjoins Pluto in the first week of February, a yearly event of import as this is the time of connecting what we love and value with what we are passionate about.

Venus with Pluto in a personal chart can be challenging, as there is a deep inner desire for a profound intimate relationship. One seeks it first from another person, seeking ones soul mate. Yet ultimately the relationship of inner depth is found within oneself, whole and complete immersion and trust. Therefore this new beginning is a new start for love of self, as the conjunction happens in Capricorn the key to self love and awareness is through self respect and appropriate boundaries. Initially it may feel tough or hard, especially for others around you that have their own expectations of the relationship with you.

However with love and empathy relationships transform that support each others path towards fulfillment. The new moon in Aquarius on February 8 th is super charged with electrical current to catapult us to think different, and once again it is pointing having healthy relationships. Venus, on the day of the new moon, is at the same degree as the previous new moon in Capricorn, which coincidentally, if coincidence it is is on the node of Pluto reverberating the theme of Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. New beginnings in relationships, personal and professional, that are founded on core values and include respect and healthy boundaries.

Mars is connected with the Aquarius new moon, pushing one to stop procrastinating, get off the couch, and get things done. This is an action oriented time move beyond thinking and into doing.

Granted the Aquarius new moon has a plethora of ideas and concepts, and will serve you well to meditate and allow for an incredible influx of solutions to any complex situation that begs to be resolved. You may experience this as an inner feeling of not wanting to expend the energy verses knowing nothing will change unless you do something different. Late Saturday February the 13 th Mercury will pass its shadow of its last retrograde.

Issues from January find resolutions now. When the sun slips into Pisces on the 19 th and the moon is waxing towards full, emotions run deep.

The full moon is exact on the 22 nd at p, EST in Virgo. It is a good time to reevaluate how well your spiritual life is balanced with the life that happens to take care of your day to day responsibilities.

5 Tips For Surviving the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – Patrick Watson

This full moon incorporates the essence of compassion and service, to self, family, humanity and the world. Make a commitment to do whatever you can, however small or grand that is of service to others and commitment to your souls path towards enlightenment. The month closes out on the 28 th with a Sun Neptune conjunction, a dreamy vibration. What is your perfect life? What would you do? How would it look like?

These are a few of the questions that Sun Neptune conjunction considers. A deeper level of Sun and Neptune together in Pisces is the immersion with cosmic consciousness. Mystics who speak of enlightened states of being share an experience of oneness. The sun Neptune in Pisces is a day very conducive to go deep into a mediation experience and emerge with a heart filled with compassion, knowing the interconnectedness of all.

New Moon Aquarius February 10 th am 19 degrees. A wave of clearing out old wounds, especially around lost love or any psychic wounds from a disappointment in not having something in your life that was near and dear to your heart. Uranus is with the south node of the moon and square Pluto. Even with the Moon with Jupiter in fun loving playful Leo there continues to be a deep rumbling from the inner core that urges freedom with the undercurrent of Uranus conjunct the south node.

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Mercury continues its inward journey of rethinking and contemplation until February 11 when it moves direct at 1 degree of Aquarius. There is a second new moon in Aquarius on the 18th at 29 degrees, just minutes before the Sun and Moon shift into Pisces. This double new moon in Aquarius, the first being at 0 degrees of Aquarius in January, emphasizes the importance to get it right and get it handled around the concerns that Aquarius carries.

What is right for the collective whole? Shifting from the perspective of individual to a collective perspective of taking care of everyone is part of the unfolding. Connecting with friends that allow your own unique characteristics while being supportive is part of this message. Mars shifts into Aries on the 19th with Venus stepping in right behind Mars on the 20th.

While Mars is in Aries, in its ruler ship, chanting to get off the couch and get things done. Venus in Aries is a forceful placement for her. The month begins with a burst of enthusiasm and a great desire to squeeze as much into each day as possible. While some folks do their best impression of an idealistic Don Quixote, others may make silly mistakes.

As best you can, deal with people you know you can trust. High hopes and spirited times continue as the Moon waxes full. Be careful the night of Friday the 13th. Exact shortly after midnight on Saturday the 14th, the Moon is conjunct Neptune and the Virgo Sun is conjunct Mars, a volatile configuration. Feelings are super sensitive. Much is in flux on this full moon day.

Mercury and Venus enter Libra, and Mars is opposite Neptune. Communicating can be challenging. Stay calm and work at it. Saturn resumes forward motion on Wednesday the 18th. The direction shift may bring new life to some stalled projects. Jupiter forms the final of three squares to Neptune at the last quarter Moon of Saturday the 21st.